March 12, 2014

Back in Buffalo


Once we moved back on got settled in, I had taken a few more grad classes online through UB to get my advanced certificated in Educational Technology 
I was so thrilled I found a complete Masters Degree program online and one that would qualify for my permanent certification. I had to get an extension due to my situation and vision complications, so in order to submit proof, I had to go see the retinal specialist again and go for another ERG. Again, the same results and she told me that I should see her every 6 months or so. She then wrote me a note for the university. They then approved my extension. I felt very relieved when I finished and I felt a true sense of accomplishment. 
Once we found a house to rent in Depew, NY around October (after living with my mom and Billy for a bit), we settled in and daily life carried on. Andy had taken a new job at DNC, which required him to travel more than we were told - like 70%! Therefore, I was home with Ryan as a baby sometimes 3 weeks at a stretch and it became very frustrating having to ask for help with groceries, having people drive us to appointments, and just dealing with an infant - one who struggled with asthma and allergies and ended up having surgery for an epigastric hernia at 12 months. Thank goodness he was such a great baby and toddler! Ryan and I grew close, but it was tough at times. Andy then quite his job after 9 months to be with us more often and for that I was truly grateful :) 
Niagara Falls asked me to come back at that point, and I told them I needed to be home with the baby and eventually resigned. I also began writing educational content/articles for a website called Bright Hub, which was a small pay per article job, but it helped keep my mind off Andy traveling and kept me occupied while Ryan napped. 
I felt a sense of peace at this point, social security was coming in so I didn't feel like such an incompetent mother and wife and Andy was home more. 
Now if we could just find a house to call our own...


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