March 31, 2014

Home Sweet Home

September 2009
We finally purchased a house in West Seneca! It needed some upgrading so we painted, installed new carpets and fixed up a few things. Perfect fit for us - 3 bedrooms, an office, a partially finished basement, attached garage and a fenced yard with built-in pool!
 At this point, I was still working at Bright Hub and now was a contributing editor and was making a little money on the side. It gave me an outlet to express myself plus kept me in the educational loop so to speak. Sometimes I found editing difficult, but I bought a program called Mac Speech and it reads and writes for you, so it made life a little easier. I also can change the font on the Mac which helps as well. Luckily, Apple offers so many products for the visually impaired and handicapped, that it ties the strain out of reading a bit.
Life as a homemaker was good. Then, in October, we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 and were very excited, as we tried for over 6 months!  At my 12 week sonogram, we were awaiting good news, and the doctors went silent. They just stared at the ultrasound image up on the screen, and just exchanged looks and said, "Excuse me for a minute" and walked out. I will never forget that moment of fear and anticipation. I looked at Andy and remember thinking to myself, "What is going on? Silence is not good in a doctor's office." They came back a few minutes later to tell us that there was a dark area where his bladder was and what it meant was that he was not urinating the way he should. They called it possible PUD (postural urethral valve), which is a valve that if not corruptly functioning, will prevent output of urine. Therefore, he or so would have no amniotic fluid and would eventually die. This was the most devastating news to me and I just sobbed all the way home! Just not what I expected at all. They told us we would need an amniocentesis done at 18 weeks to check for chromosome abnormalities.  So we waited….6 LONG weeks and over Christmas. I refused to have to make a medical decision to terminate my pregnancy and prayed I would never have to. If this baby was meant to be…then it was meant to be.

 18 weeks into my pregnancy…we go back for another ultrasound and POOF….the "hole" was gone and the problem seemed to have corrected itself! What a relief to us both and I just cried with tears of joy! The second trimester was great….gestational diabetes but nothing I couldn't handle. Found out we were having another boy! Then at around 30 weeks I get transferred from my OB to Children's Hospital's High Risk Pregnancy Clinic just to be safe and for more monitoring. We see Dr. Mann, and she tells us at 33 weeks, that the left kidney is smaller than the right. I am like, "hat? Are you kidding me? He STILL has a problem?" She said that an urologist, Dr. Greenfield (best in the area) would look at him after he is born and we would learn more. So needless to say, the rest of my pregnancy was nerve-wracking and I became very anxious.
Tyler Nicholas was born May 26th, 2010 by scheduled C-section (he was a big boy!) and once born, the doctor came in and told us he had what they call Vesicoureteral reflux, which is when urine backs up the ureter and back into the kidney from the bladder. If not corrected, it could cause permanent kidney damage. He was diagnosed with Stage 5, which is usually not corrected on it's own and requires surgery. We knew that we would have to wait until he was a bit older, but he would be monitored and put on antibiotics to prevent UTI's. At least we knew now what was causing all those problems in utero and that there was a solution.
 Then in the hospital, Tyler lost oxygen during his circumcision and turned blue. They had to continue to give oxygen and he continued to desaturate every time he tried to nurse or became upset. He spent time in the recovery floor nursery and then got transported downstairs to the NICU for over 11 days until he finally was stable enough to come home with machines attached. The entire experience was bittersweet, having to visit him everyday and bring him milk and try to bond with him. BUT..when he came home…we were thrilled. A true miracle baby!

 All I could say was that I was blessed to have my sight enough to see this beautiful gift from God.


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