March 11, 2014

My Senior Recital

May 2000
The lights flickered, I kept blinking. "Why can't my eyes focus?" I kept thinking to myself. I had to keep adjusting the music stand, keeping adjusting myself, looking out into the audience and I continued to squint. I had to have the lights dimmed and they were still so bright. 
I got through it. Three movements and three musical selections later, I was finished. The performance complete and relief swept over me. Was it a perfect performance? Not exactly, but I could not breathe with ease and rest my eyes. That was intense! 
I knew at that moment, something was going on. I probably just needed a new prescription, as I have always worn glasses, well for a majority of my life up to that point. 
I was born cross-eyed (with strabismus) and had corrective surgeries as an infant and have won corrective eyeglasses for near-sightedness since. That day...I knew something had changed in my vision...or was starting to....I should go get 


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