March 11, 2014

Sightless in Seattle



August 2006
Andy (my husband) and I relocated to Seattle for his job. At that point, I was teaching in Niagara Falls and took a sabbatical/leave of absence for relocation. In the meantime, I was searching for a music job teaching instrumental lessons, something small that would help me transition while I attempted to finish my Masters and become Washington certified. 
I spoke with a Music lesson studio and we communicated through email for awhile. Then back in May, when we flew out to look for apartments and scope out the area, we stopped in to meet him in person. He said we were all set, and that I could start in August when I got there. I then decided to tell him about my disability, so that there were no questions later. In the past, I have been up front with my principals and students for the most part. 
Once we moved into our apartment (fast forward to August) I sent him several emails saying we were settled in and I could begin teaching. No response. After several voice messages, he finally called and said, "Sorry, but I couldn't hold the job. I gave it to someone else." 
To this day, do I think it was because of my disability? YES…most certainly, but I never could prove anything and let it go. Again, I became depressed and lonely, now missing my family more than ever. 
I was working on my thesis for my Masters and that is when Andy and I decided I should file for disability. At this point I couldn't teach and it just made sense to do so. Then I found out I was pregnant! We were shocked a little and very excited, but scared and overwhelmed with "what ifs". 9 months later Ryan was born and my request for disabilities got approved! We then decided to move back to Buffalo to be with our families. That was the following September- September 11th to be exact. 


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