1. When does the walk begin?
Registration for the walk begins at 9am, the walk starts at 10am with a stage presentation. 
2. Will there be free parking?
It depends on where you park and if there are any other events going on in the Canalside/arena area. Parking on the stree is free I believe on weekends, but they may charge in the ramps and/or marina. 
3. Are children allowed to come to thie event?
Yes! It is a "fun for all ages"  and family-friendly event.
4. Will food and refreshments be available?
Yes! You will need your fuel to get moving for walk day, so we will provide beverages and breakfast snacks/pizza for walk participants, free of charge. 
5. Is this a rain or shine event?
YES! Provided there is no thunder/lightening, this is a rain or shine event! 
6. Do I need to bring cash or a donation to register?
No, it is free to register but donations are kindly accepted. Also, there will be a basket sweepstakes available for seperate ticket purchase. 
7. Do I get a T-shirt with registration?
If you as an individual have donated or raised $100, you will receive a VIsionwalk T-shirt on walk day.